7 Questions to Ask Any Dealer Before Triking Your Bike

7 Questions To Ask Any Dealer Before Triking Your Bike


1. Does it have an Independent Rear Suspension?

     - You'll be amazed at the difference IRS makes in both handling and ride.


2. Does the kit have an air ride suspension AND coil adjustable shocks?

     - This assists in trike handling, ride control and stability.


3. Do you have your own on-site paint shop?

     - You need the benefit of consistency, custom paint work and expedited service when the paint jobs aren't shipped out to another facility.


4. Do you provide free personal consultations to customize my trike to fit my needs?

     - Make sure you get the trike that meets your expectations, needs and dreams before making the investment.


5. Do you provide complete service after the sale?

     - You will get state inspection, maintenance, repairs, parts and customization.


6. How many bikes have you done?

     - This will tell you how much experience and expertise the dealer has.


7. What is your warranty? Where do I have to take it to have warranty work done?

     - This will tell you how much the company is willing to stand behind their product and how far you will have to travel to get it serviced if you         have a problem. We have an industry leading 3 year / 36,000 mile warranty.


  --"At Leola Motortrike, we have been converting motorcycles into trikes for many years. We chose Motortrike because of their unique features, dependability and high quality standards. With over 20 years of experience and hundreds of trikes completed, you can use our knowledge and experience to guide you to the trike that's right for you. We specialize in Honda and Harley-Davidson conversions."

           - Ron Myers, President, Leola Motortrike


  --"Leola Motortrike offered great service before, during and after the sale. Ron's knowledge and experience has greatly helped my experience in triking. If you're considering a trike, I would recommend you see Leola Motortrike."

           - Ben Stoltzfus, Lancaster, PA