Why Choose Motortrike?


Suspension travel is the gateway to ride quality and Motor Trike has the most in the industry.
With over 4 inches of wheel travel, we were able to optimize ride quality by lowering the spring rate and therefore the natural frequency.
 The soft springs are a success on our design because you have enough wheel travel to absorb the bumps without bottoming out the suspension.


The correct ROLL (cornering) stiffness gives the driver comfort and feedback.
TOO STIFF = NO FEEDBACK. The driver gets over confident because the machine corners too flat (no sense of danger). It also ruins ride quality in one wheel bump.
TOO SOFT = FALSE SENSE OF DOOM. If the bike leans too much, the rider feels like he/she is about to tip over or slide out of control.


Our suspension has to work well with one rider, two riders, luggage, a trailer, or all of the above. These load variations are similar to a pickup truck that is empty or has a fully loaded bed.
We utilize air springs to adjust the spring rate and maintain optimum ride height and natural frequency.


Engines, brakes, gears, tires and road irregularities all create noises and vibrations.
Noises and vibrations are transmitted to the riders through the vehicles chassis.
It is impossible to eliminate the source of all NVH, so the only solution is to create a barrier between the source and the riders.
Rubber bushing mounted differential.
Rubber bushings for all suspension components (anti roll bar, shocks, and suspension arms).


Why is it important? The Roll Center Height Controls many suspension parameters including the "Lever Arm" that causes Body Roll.
We designed our Anti Roll Bar to work with our Roll Center Height.
How do you avoid being called "Unsafe At Any Speed" like the Corvair? Lower the Roll Center Height.
What is the Roll Center? Think of it as the pivot point for the suspension in Roll & the reaction point for cornering forces.
The early Corvairs (along with many of our competitors) have a really high roll center. This can cause over steer stability problems during aggressive cornering.


 Our trike body is ergonomically designed for our customers. This helps to maximize ease of use by reducing operator discomfort.
 The trunk, which offers a large opening for easy access, is specifically designed for the simplified use of our customers.
The trunk door opens wide enough so that the user does not have to bend or squat to get luggage in and out of the trunk.
The trunk cavity is deep and offers several cubic feet of truly usable space.  (We do not calculate the tour trunk in our trunk capacity measurements. Be sure you are comparing apples to apples.)
Motor Trike's kits are designed with our customers in mind!


                    Belt Drive Independent Suspension                                                  Shaft Drive Independent Suspension