Width 61.5"
Track Width 51"
Trunk Capacity 7.0 cubic ft
Rear Tires 195/55 R16
Custom Mag Wheels 16x74x100 bolts, 39mm offset


Available Options

Foot Fairings (weight-bearing & sub-framed)

Trailer Hitch (Includes wiring and chromed insert w/ 1 7/8" ball)

Reverse - Electric HMS

Steer-Lite Options  (Decreases steering effort by 60%)

1. Modified Hossack (Duolever) Front End (Brake lines, Retains BMW wheel & TIre

2. 180 Front End Pkg. (Custom rim, 180x65 Tire, Widened Steer-Lite, New Fender)

Fuel Tank Auxillary (approx 5 gal)

Fender Stone Guards (embroidered w/HMS Logo)

Chrome Wheel Upgrade (to match 180 Chrome Wheel)


Trike Conversion Adds Approximately 320 lbs to stock K1600GT/GTL