Custom Modifications

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Disabled customer needed extra step in order to mount their                  This 2013 Honda Silverwing with a trike conversion
2013 Silver Wing with a trike conversion. Techs used                             sports a custom made carrier for the trike owner's cane.
3/8" steel, painted to color match scooter, and mounted to look 
like an extension of the running boards. The painted steel was
thencovered with two strips of 3M outdoor anti-skid tread.



handlebar handlebar

All controls moved from right handlebar to left to accommodate missing right hand and enable customer to continue riding safely!


Handicap Add On Handicap Add On

This customer has neuropathy and could not feel his feet blowing off the pegs, and could not feel to shift. A Klicktronic shifter was

added enabling him to shift by pressing a button with his thumb. A lip was added to his highway boards to keep his feet on the boards.


 Suburban light bar bumper Suburban light bar bumper

Customer has leg impairment that causes pain when feet are on footrests when riding for a period of time. Suzuki does not make highway pegs for the Burgman, and customer thought he might have to quit riding. Our master mechanics were able to weld highway pegs made for a 1800 Goldwing onto the Suzuki frame. Customer is able to ride comfortably for extended periods of time with no pain.
wheel chair trike wheel chair trike