Harley Independent Suspension



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We are pleased to announce a new Independent

Rear Suspension conversion for the Harley

Ultra and Road King family of motorcycles.

This is an amazing conversion that delivers superior ride quality. Did we mention it is more comfortable and handles better than any conversion out in the market today? This innovative design provides optimal leaning/sway control stability, low roll center height, increased traction/grip and decreased noise vibration and harshness. Motortrike is the only trike conversion company that has a product expansion plan in place delivering new exciting products you will want to own. We are pumped up and you will be as well when you see this latest model.

This is a spectacular conversion. Motortrike created a new body for this unit. It will retain the chrome trunk lid handles. The on-board air compressor will be standard equipment for this model. The control panel will mount on the handlebars and will include a LED air pressure gauge and a volt meter along with a switch that will adjust air pressure. Pictured is the rear end assembly along with the rear frame and suspension. Disc brakes are standard equipment. This IRS design will incorporate the same amount of suspension travel, handling, and ride quality Motortrike is renowned for. The belt adjustment and replacement design is simply amazing.

There is no other Harley trike conversion on earth that

compares with this unit...all you will have to do is see it

and ride it.