Ladies Night

Ladies Night Out

Facials, manicures, & chair massages in MOTORCYLE shop?


(LEOLA, PA)  A big “Thank you” to all who came out and made Ladies Night a huge success. Those are the words of Ron Myers, President of Leola Motortrike in reflection of the first Ladies Night.


The sun had not even set and vendors had not yet arrived on the cool crisp October day when guests started arriving early. In all, over 100 people showed up in just a little over four hours for free pampering including facials, eyebrow waxing, manicures, chair massages, financial & legal advice, and trike riding instruction. The evening was punctuated with laughter and fun as ladies had their friends try out a new “look” with makeup or nails, and all who attended felt a family friendly/community feeling. And all loved the chair massages from a massage therapy student at Berks Technical Institute. After the chair massage, one lady smilingly begged her indulgent husband, “Can we just adopt her? I’m willing to pay for her room, board, and schooling in exchange for a chair massage every day. It made me feel so much better!”


And it wasn’t just locals attending. Guests came from as far away as Delaware and New Jersey, some traveling 2 ½ hours to get to Leola Motortrike, and all evening enjoying the fun, food, fellowship, and free trike rides and instruction in the fall moonlight.


Men called, asking if they could stay if they brought their wives. One husband laughingly joked, “my wife and I both learned it will not work for me to teach her to drive stick shift or to teach her how to drive a trike. So I want to stay and watch while you guys do it!” The Glory Road Riders, a local chapter of the Christian Motorcyclists Association, had an ice cream run planned, but the ladies all wanted to come to Leola Motortrike instead. So the men chatted and waited patiently and enjoyed the food while the women indulged in the pampering. The Happy Pappys Motorcycle Club called asking if they could come with their wives. They wanted the wives to enjoy the pampering, and then take them out to dinner afterwards.


The Humane League of Lancaster volunteers were on hand to accept donations of old blankets, sheets, towels, and bedspreads for use as bedding for the dogs. They were touched and overjoyed by the generosity of the guests. Several ladies had set up collection boxes at their places of employment and came with huge boxes and bags full of donations.


With more and more women taking up motorcycling and luxury touring bikes becoming bigger and more powerful, trikes are becoming an increasingly popular option for women. Offering stability, comfort, and increased visibility makes Motortrike a safer and attractive ride. However, most women shopping for a larger bike or trike will take along a husband, son, brother, father, or fellow male club member as they are concerned about being played for a fool and sold something overpriced with mechanical problems because they may not be as familiar with the mechanical aspects involved.


Ladies Night Out was the first in what is to become a regular event to introduce women to bikes and trikes and let them know Leola Motortrike is a place to feel comfortable and safe with trusted knowledgeable sales staff and mechanics. “We want our female customers to know this is a place they can turn to for trike riding instruction, cycle maintaince, inspections, and trusted professional technical expertise” says Myers, “and they don’t need a motorcycle license. We can take them in a parking lot for ride instruction and take them out for a ride on the road as a passenger”.



The Happy Pappys Motorcycle club brought their wives for               PNC Bank was on hand to discuss loans, mortages, & 

pampering, then took them out to dinner. (left to right -                      financial empowerment.

Gerri & Dick Rehm, Huey & Arveda Morris, Geno & Sue Valesano)



Melanie Sowa, massage therapy student from Berks Technical          ARA Studios performing professional manicures

Institute was a popular attraction as ladies tend to carry stress

in shoulder muscles.


Roy Martin enjoying a serving of hot chocolate while his                     Mary Kay cosmetics Representative giving facials and

wife gets pampered                                                                              makeup tryouts


ARA Studios performing eyebrow waxing                                            The men from the Glory Road Riders motorcycle club stopped

                                                                                                              in on the ice cream run to enjoy food & fellowship while the ladies

                                                                                                              received pampering


Exquisite table settings and food provided by Diane's catering service

Lots of chocolate...chocolate fountain & hot chocolate

The furry 4 legged residents of the Humane League of Lancaster were most grateful for the generous donations that 

filled the back of the van. The back seat had been removed and the whole 4'x4' area filled to the ceiling along with the 

middle seat filled also.