Motortrike Wedding

Customer Richard Ludwing felt so at home at Leola Motortrike he requested to have a biker wedding held at our shop. The wedding was held in a tent outside, and tables were set up in the shop for the dinner. The showroom became the dance hall with the DJ. Over 200 guests attended the wedding, making for a memorable day!



Riding a trike in a wedding dress!                                         The reception tables decorated and set up in the shop.



Before the reception                                                               Reception in Leola Motortrike’s shop



The DJ set up in Leola Motortrike’s showroom                   The bride and groom’s table.



The bride was escorted down the aisle by her sons.         The Bride and Grooms trike



Best Man caught sampling the leftover icing. Judging      Leola Motortrike parked all showroom trikes outside

by the amount of finger swipe marks in the bucket,         to make room for the DJ and reception

he wasn’t the only one who loved it!!



Guests arriving on trikes                                                         Guests bikes & trikes lined up in front of Leola Motortrike



The wedding party trikes lined up and decorated with     Dishes by Diane provided catering. The servers said this

streamers                                                                                   was the most fun wedding they ever did!


The bride’s bouquet on the reception table