"Motor Trike" rear ends are totally remanufactured -- all the insides of the housings are new: the axle, the gears, the bearings, the seals-everything manufactured to Motor Trike specifications.

Quality control is "owned by each of the employees.  Each rear end has a Motor Trike serial number and a gear ratio stamped on it, and every one also has the welder's initials stamped on  - an affirmation of pride in workmanship or a personal badge of quality approval."

-Wing World, July 2004


What is Air Ride Suspension?

All MOTOR TRIKE kits are manufactured using our patented Air Ride Suspension as standard equipment.  We offer a true suspension, letting the shock absorbers do what they were designed for... to dampen sudden and rapid motion.

This comfort and stability of the Air Ride Suspension will give you a ride that is unsurpassed in the industry.  When you combine the Air Ride Suspension with our patented ladder bar suspension, you can see why we ask you to ride all the trikes that are available and experience the difference.  our product is unique in that our ride quality and handling characteristics split the difference between the traditional solid axle design and the independent rear suspensions being offered today.

Independent Suspension 

At Motor Trike, we understand what makes a suspension good or bad. Our independent rear suspension was developed to provide what our customers want and need based on our experience building trikes. To find out more about our independent rear suspension please view the PDF file below.

Independent Suspension